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Life takes you on different and unexpected journeys. I am no exception.

Before becoming a coach and mediator I started my professional path with a BA in nutrition and a Master of Public Health degree, specializing in behavioural change. I worked as senior director for twenty years in the not-for-profit and healthcare sectors.

At the age of 41, I was diagnosed with cancer.

This changed everything. I reevaluated my professional journey and shifted my focus from building and supporting communities to helping individuals.

I soon found my new passion.

I retrained as a coach and mediator, adding studies in positive psychology and organizational relationship systems coaching. I became certified with the International Coaching Federation and the Coaching Training Institute—the highest certifications available today for coaches. It is through my ongoing learning and training, and my unique personal strengths that I serve each of my clients in the best ways possible.

I am a straightforward communicator and strategic thinker who will hold you accountable. I will push you out of your comfort zone, but always with empathy and compassion. I will help you clarify complex situations and break them down into accessible steps, revealing new perspectives and the confidence you need to create and embrace new opportunities.

I have resided and studied in numerous countries, which enables me to embrace and understand different cultures. I am available to coach in three languages:




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Change is the only constant in life. This, I know firsthand. And only when we befriend change can we truly move forward.

A Special Place in My Heart for Cancer Survivors


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 41 and spent the next two years living through intensive treatments. Unexpectedly, one of the hardest moments during my cancer journey was when I was told to return to “my normal life.”

When you have finished active cancer treatment it is common to feel scared and lonely. You may want to go back to your “normal” life but you don’t always know what that looks like anymore. Or maybe you’re ready to move forward to something new but don’t know where to begin.

Know that you are not alone. I can help you regain control of your life. Having someone at your side during this transition period is one of the biggest presents you can give yourself.


Let’s chat today and move forward from this transition.

Let’s move forward together.

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“I am so grateful that Claudia came into my life. She made a huge impact, helping me to find myself—and to like what I found. I really appreciated her knowledge, feedback and honesty…. she tells it like it is and made me look at what I couldn’t see. She then taught me how to deal with whatever the issue or situation was.”


“I was always a strong person but, when facing life’s challenges, I felt it was getting harder to be true to myself. Claudia help me to re-center, stop living in fear, rediscover my confidence, and remember how much I have in me to give.”



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