Accept and let go

Claudia Aronowitz

Over the past few months, I have spent a lot of time reading and analyzing what it takes to make the most of transitions and changes in our lives. These changes can happen because of our own choices or because of life circumstances.

If you truly wish to embark on a new beginning in 2017, start by accepting where you are right now. (Literally, this moment right now!) This is your starting point for whatever you want or need to create and wherever you wish to go.

Steps for a positive transition

There are eight specific steps that I believe we can take for a strong and positive transition. I want to share two of them today:

  1. Accept where you are. Transitions take effort and we need to accept our present situation — completely and unconditionally — as the starting point for our next journey.
  2. Let go of what was. No matter how much we want to hold onto the past, we cannot go back in time. No amount of worry or regret can change the past.

I realize that I have used these two concepts repeatedly in my personal life, as I made new homes in new countries. I was born and raised in Mexico, lived in Israel for 15 years and now call Canada “home.” When people learn this, I am constantly asked if I miss living in Mexico or Israel, and if I prefer one country over the others.

In the beginning, these types of questions created anxiety for me. I have family and friends in each country and each place offered me a good life. But soon I realized that I needed to make my home the place where I was currently living.

Today, when asked questions about what country I prefer, I don’t start comparing my past experiences to each other. Instead, I simply answer — and accept — that Canada is where I am today and that this is where I live my best life in this moment. I have accepted that this beautiful, free country — is my home today.

I have let go of what was so that I can concentrate on where I am right now.

How about you?

What transition or change are you facing? Is it something that has come into your life without you asking for it — as it is often the case — or are you yearning for a change and seeking the courage to take that first step?

Wherever you are today, whatever changes you are facing, whatever changes you wish for, start by accepting your present situation. Let go of what was.

Because with every door that closes, a new one will open.

If you are facing or want changes in your life, choose to make it positive. Contact me to learn more and make today the beginning of something great!

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