Accepting the unknown

Claudia Aronowitz

How accepting the unknown can transform your life

The transitions we face in life — whether they are big or small — come about in many different ways. Whether they happen because of conscious decisions, or subconscious choices, transitions can be difficult. They can paralyze us. And often, to avoid facing the change, we try to hold onto something that is not good or healthy for us. We try to stick with what is familiar instead of embracing the unknown.

I have learned through my own major life transitions — especially when I was diagnosed with breast cancer (read more about my cancer journey) — that I needed to view change and challenges as positive turning points in my life. During my cancer battle, I continuously asked myself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?” and “what good can I find during this difficult time?” Many times it was hard to see any positives, and it took time for them to begin appearing. But by asking these questions, I opened myself up to considering other ways to react to the challenge I was facing.

It is only when we are pushed out of our comfort zone that we truly grow and learn. It is this mindset that opens us up to new and positive possibilities.

In my blog post two weeks ago, I wrote about two steps that I have found useful when working to make a transition positive. Today, I would like to share one more step that I have found essential.


No matter how much we wish for in the future, it is always unknown. We can plan and prepare (and we should), but life will inevitably take unexpected turns. In response, we must learn to accept that part of our life is out of our control. Instead of fighting this change, accept it. And start to pay attention to the things that we do have control over, like our perspective, our reactions, and our actions. This allows us some sense of control as we make choices and take the necessary steps into this unknown territory.

As the wonderful quote above from Reinhold Niebuhr says, let’s accept that there are things in life that are unknown and beyond our control. Instead, let’s put our energy and effort into the things that we can control in order to make a change a positive turning point in our lives.

Stay tuned for my next blog in two weeks, which will include more steps for positive transitions. Until then, I would love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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