Beautiful Renewal

Claudia Aronowitz
Spring is my favourite season. It brings with it a feeling of renewal and the promise of new beginnings.

I am always amazed by nature and its ability to renew itself over and over again. The grass looks dead and the trees have no leaves but then with some sun and rain, it all starts coming alive again. Walking outside becomes a magical time of change and colour. 

This spring it’s most welcome. It arrives two full years after the start of the pandemic and all of its uncertainties, changes, fears, and losses. It comes as we are witnessing senseless war in parts of the world, causing heartbreak and sadness.

In order to inspire reflection, I thought I might write about the lessons from these years or about gratitude, but the topic that resonates the most for me right now is:


Forgiveness is very important but it is difficult to actually implement. We need to forgive ourselves as much as we need to forgive others. 

Forgiving ourselves (and others) means accepting that we make poor choices, that we behave badly, that we procrastinate, that we let judgment and fear stop us from acting, and that we… (feel free to add whatever it is that you need to forgive yourself for).

This can be very difficult.

It’s hard because it means that we have to: 

  • Acknowledge how we are feeling (sad, frustrated, tired, sleepless, angry, etc.) 
  • Be willing to explore and understand why we are feeling this way. What is triggering us? What specific behaviours, thoughts, or inactions are the cause of these feelings? 
  • Accept that the past is gone. What happened in the past just is. No amount of regret, hope, money, or time can change it. 
  • See ourselves for the imperfect human beings that we are. Like it or not, we are imperfect and there will always be things that we like about ourselves and things that we dislike about ourselves. 
  • Be kind. Kindness towards ourselves and others is the starting point for forgiveness. Kindness and forgiveness are signs of strength. 


The past few months have been difficult for many of us. In Canada we lived with pandemic restrictions, the weather was dark and cold, inflation soared and uncertainty was everywhere. My energy level and motivation seemed to disappear.

As someone who constantly walks her talk, I decided to explore these feelings and try to understand why I feel this way now when things from the outside are actually improving. I found my answers through journaling, time alone to reflect, and conversations with people close to me.

I suddenly understood that I had to completely and absolutely forgive myself. I took the time to embody this forgiveness and to speak more kindly to myself. It has been liberating. 

From a place of kindness, forgiveness, and acceptance we can begin to see new opportunities, new motivation and new ideas flourishing. The present is lighter (even with its uncertainties and challenges) and the future is full of possibilities.


What do you need to forgive yourself for? What do you need to let go of? What poor choices have you made? What did you not do because of self-judgment, doubt, or fear? 


Can you forgive yourself? Can you breathe and let it go? This is the starting point for renewal. 


Please reach out today if I can be of support. I can help you to review, redefine and create a present and future full of joy, both at work and at home.

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