Celebrate motherhood and the changes it brings

Claudia Aronowitz

In front of me, as I write this post, are pictures of me over the years with my kids. There they are as newborns, with me looking completely exhausted. Soon they are toddlers, then school-aged and, suddenly, they are taller than me! Each step in their development meant a new stage for both of us. Their needs would change and my role would have to adapt accordingly. This often meant me needing to revisit my values along the way, and often reset my priorities as a result.

To be honest. I am not a fan of Mother’s Day (which is why this post was published after Mother’s Day). I don’t like the materialism that comes with this “holiday.” But motherhood is definitely something that I cherish, and I appreciate that Mother’s Day is an opportunity to stop and reflect about what motherhood means to us.

 Working with my clients, I see first hand how transitions lead to changes in what we value and what is most important to us. This adjustment in our thinking—and new approach to life—can bring a feeling of uncertainty. It can be challenging to translate new values into our daily lives, choices and actions.

Motherhood is the ultimate example of this. It is filled with non-stop change and uncertainty. We regularly adapt to new developments. As a child grows, our role in their life also shifts. Our best approach is to recognize that these changes are inevitable and to accept them.

 Similarly, the outside world is constantly changing around us. And like mothers, we all need to adapt accordingly. It could be work-, health- or relationship-related. Whatever it is, we need to take stock of our values, consider who we are (and want to be), and how we want to respond. This will help us move through each transition more seamlessly and positively.


 So, whatever you are facing, embrace the change and accept that this is where you are in the journey of life.

 And to the mothers out there, I encourage you to embrace this most wonderful, scary, demanding and constantly changing experience. Learn from it. Take time to consider who you are as a person today and what your priorities are now. And then move forward with confidence.

 But, of course, if you ever feel like you could use some help along the way, please contact me for a chat. We can explore together how the change of motherhood is asking you to redefine your life.

 All my best wishes,


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