Communicating with Impact

Personal coaching can help you decide which way to go.

A 90-Day Program to Create Joy and Connection

Communicating with Impact is an effective 90-day small group coaching program that will will help you to feel joy and connection in the relationships most important to you.


Are you ready to:

Have more fulfilling, peaceful and positive relationships with your partner, family members, friends?

Say what you want and be understood? 

Shift from walking on eggshells and feeling stuck to feeling authentic, seen and connected?

Our relationships are fundamental to how we experience our life and cope with challenges.


This workshop is for you if:


You are afraid of disagreements and conflict

You don’t know how to share your thoughts or feelings

You feel stuck in a pattern of assumptions, disagreements and resentment

You don’t know how to interact with difficult people

You don’t get the results you want, despite your best intentions

You avoid voicing your ideas, needs and concerns

You feel lonely and stuck

This workshop can also help if:


You want to ensure that you are effectively expressing your intended messages in your relationships

You want to invest in the one thing proven to bring happiness: your relationships with the people around you

Join expert Relationship Coach and Mediator Claudia Aronowitz for a small group-coaching program offering effective ways to move out of the constant circle of arguments, frustration and indifference and to create strong, happy relationships important to you (partner, family, friends).

The Communicate With Impact™ Process

Throughout the program, Claudia will take you through her unique and effective Communicate with Impact process.  This step-by-step practical process will clarify what you need, how to be yourself and use your voice, how to communicate effectively and how to deal with conflict.

Make the differences you are longing for and invest in yourself and the relationships most important to you.

Contact me today to register.

Only 8 people will be invited to participate!

Workshop Details

Sessions are 60 minutes each and take place every other Wednesday, for 12 weeks, starting October 14, at 12:00 pm EST via zoom. In total 6 group sessions. A two week vacation will take place the last two weeks of December

Ongoing email support availabl between sessions

Sessions mix scientific theory with real, practical examples, exercises, and tools.

One individual 1:1 session to go deeper and create a clear plan of action.

Your investment is CAD $997


VIP Upgrade:  Add an additional 3 private coaching sessions to support you through the process for a total price of CAD $1695.

Invest today in the one thing proven thing to bring happiness: your personal relationships.

Contact me today and schedule a call to make sure this program is the right fit for you.


Only 8 people will be invited to participate!


For the first time in my life I truly understand what the concepts of boundaries, values and roles means to me and how to say what I need out loud. As a recovering people pleaser this hasn’t been easy.


“Wonderful experience. Insights into all my relationships. A bridge into communication strategies and who I am. Highly recommend the investment.”

Marc Lussier

“I have found myself more now stopping and thinking what I want to say. Listening, really listening  to what is said and reacting to what they actually said and not to what I was assuming and anticipating they would say. My conversations have really changed for the positive”


By the end of the program, you will:

  • Understand how our minds work and why conflict is a normal part of every healthy relationship.
  • Be clear on what it is that you need from the relationships important to you.
  • Feel empowered to communicate in a way that feels true to you.
  • Learn how to see another person’s perspective and truly listen to them with out having to agree.
  • Understand how to deal with conflict and disagreement in a way that it brings new learning and creates a stronger relationship.
  • Feel more in control and become the leader of your relationships instead of just reacting to what others say or do.
  • Feel joy and ease in your relationships.

Discover methods for staying present with others while remaining cantered in yourself, respecting the needs of others while honouring your own, asserting yourself with both kindness and confidence and dealing with disagreements in a constructive way.

Let me be your guide to strengthening and reviving your relationships.

Hi, I’m Claudia Aronowitz and I have helped hundreds of people create the relationships they desire. My strength is brining scientific proven research and translate it into practical tools you can easily adapt in your every day live. Because we all need and deserve relationships that are strong, positive and bring us joy.

Make the differences you are longing for and invest in yourself and the relationships most important to you.

Contact me today (Only 8 spots!) to see if this is the course for you.

If you are seeking fulfillment in your relationships, I will arm you with the tools and skills you need to use today and in the future.

What do you mean by small group coaching program?
The group is kept to only 8 participants, to encourage participation and the use of real life examples. This is a live and interactive workshop to help you translate the tools and learnings into applicable actions in your relationships.
Is this program just for romantic relationships?

This coaching workshop focuses on relationships that are important to you, whatever those might be- including with partners, family members, and friends.

Can I participate on my own?

Absolutely! This program is designed for individuals to be able to work on how they relate to others.   

What happens if I can’t make it live to all the sessions?

Sessions will be recorded and shared with you.

Questions? Not sure if this is for you?

Contact me today (only 8 spots!)  

Workshop outline

The power of relationships

The science of positive psychology and neuroscience teaches us how the relationships in our lives define our happiness. Relationships can be both fantastic and hard.  You will:

  • Understand how our message impacts our brain function and causes us to react in a specific way
  • Learn that the truth is composed of two components and why that results in people seeing the same circumstance in completely different ways

  • Learn why we need to invest, time and energy to create meaningful interactions and connections with others


Finding your voice and being your best self

Improving relationships starts with clarifying our values and beliefs. With this clarity, we can then understand what we want to say, what our desired outcome is, what we need from a specific relationship and what we are willing to do—or not to do—for this connection. You will:

  • Understand the impact of your own comments and behaviour in relationships
  • Understand what you bring to a relationship and what you need from the relationship


Communicating effectively

Is there only one perspective? Is “truth” what we hear and how we interpret it?

  • Learn what it takes to actually listen to others with curiosity and understanding.
  • Learn how to balance me (your needs ) with we (the relationships and other person’s needs)
  • Knowing your own triggers and how to stay cool with hot issues
  • How to use wise speech with skillful assertiveness

Our session with Claudia was engaging, enlightening and refreshing. Claudia’s stories resonated with every person in the room. There was a shared ‘aha’ moment for everyone in attendance.”

Senior Manager, Employee Relations

Burgundy Asset Management LTD

Working with Claudia was like taking a beautiful hike up a mountain with a knowledgeable guide. The process was vigorous and challenging, yet enjoyable because Claudia was able to help me clear the obstructions from my path, pointing out my strengths in order to get me to where I wanted to go. I would not be where I am supposed to be, happy and content, without Claudia!”

Sharon Neiss-Arbess


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