Do you need praise and acknowledgment?

Claudia Aronowitz

“That was great!” 


“You are fantastic!” 


“You are so talented!”  


Compliments are so important to our well-being. For some reason, however, they are also hard to receive. We want compliments, but then we don’t. 


For some of my clients, as we discover and clarify their qualities and strengths, I can see how hard it is for them to hear their positive attributes said out loud. They will noticeably retract when I repeat their strengths and qualities back to them. It’s as if we think there is something wrong with acknowledging our strengths—that we are being immodest or selfish. 


And how many times has someone said “thank you” to you, or given you something to show their appreciation, and you replied with: “You shouldn’t have!” Again, why don’t we just say, “you’re welcome,” and be grateful for the token of gratitude?


The benefits of affirmative feedback and appreciation are well researched. They are positive for the person receiving it, but also for the person giving it. 


Compliments and kind gestures are free and easy to give


They have the power to make us all feel good—yet somehow we don’t do it enough and we resist receiving them.


Part of this resistance might be because we believe things are imperfect or we are not good enough to deserve any praise. But if we accept that being imperfect is simply being human and that doing something “good enough”  is better than doing nothing at all, we can start to enjoy receiving compliments. We can begin to accept that we—and our actions—are worthy. 


Moving forward, I encourage you to show more appreciation to yourself and to those around you. And when someone shows you appreciation, accept it with a smile and say, “thank you.”


You are worthy of that positive feedback and you are giving that person the opportunity to feel good when you receive their praise. 


For my part, I would like to show my heartfelt appreciation to those who recently helped me create my fantastic (and imperfect) new website. After many months of hard work, it is finally launched with great resources and information. 


My heartfelt thanks go to my editor, my web designer, my business coach, and to my husband for helping me share my vision and knowledge with the world. AND yes, I also appreciate my ability to manage these marketing- and technology-related tasks that I find difficult and well outside of my comfort zone. 


Please look around, download the free resources, and share this site with others. And thank you for reading my blog and for including me in your journey of discovery and growth. 




About Claudia Aronowitz
As a highly trained, certified coach and mediator, I take pride in helping others find clarity and acceptance of who they are. I will propel you to move forward into taking responsibility and leadership of your life and relationships—both personal and professional. With compassion and a straightforward approach, I will help you discover new insight and uncover opportunities to use your unique voice. From there you can create the life and relationships that you desire and find fulfillment and joy in life’s challenging journey. Learn More About Claudia >>

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