From challenge to opportunity

Claudia Aronowitz

Each year at this time — before I start celebrating the holiday season and start planning new resolutions — I like to take time to acknowledge my accomplishments and what I learned throughout the year. I like to focus on what I did, what I worked on, and what made me feel good about myself. I resist criticizing myself for what I didn’t accomplish, or the things I wish I had done; I stay focused only on the positive things that did happen.

So I would like to invite you to also stop, take a few breaths, and ask yourself the following questions:

What did I accomplish in the last 11 months?

What do I like about my life and/or my professional career?

What did I do that made me feel good about myself?

Where was I one year ago? Where am I today?

You may notice that these are all positive questions. I believe that reality can be affected depending on what we focus on.

What we focus on depends on what we ask ourselves.

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, an expert in positive psychology, shows us the power of the questions we ask ourselves with this example:

Look at the picture below for ONLY 20 SECONDS and answer, how may different geometric shapes are there?

Easy. There were 8, right?

WITHOUT LOOKING at the picture again, how many people were in the yellow bus? Did you see the bus?

Like most of us, you may not have paid attention to the people in the bus, because I asked you to pay attention to the geometric shapes.

The same happens with our lives!

Our reality is shaped by what we focus on.

So again, ask yourself:

What have I accomplished this year? (Small or large, it doesn’t matter.)

What did I do that made me feel good about myself?

What am I proud of in myself and in those around me? (Again, focus on the positive aspects of 2015.)

I wish you all a wonderful end of the year and the very best for 2016.

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