Giving the gifts of gratitude and appreciation

Claudia Aronowitz

It seems that as I get older — and hopefully a little wiser — that the days, weeks and months fly by faster than ever. It feels like yesterday that I was sending you my best wishes for 2016, and encouraging you to focus on what you did do and what worked in 2015. Read it here!

Now, as we bid farewell to 2016, I’d like to return to a topic I have reflected on often this year: building stronger connections with others.

As humans, we need meaningful connections, both at work and at home, to feel fulfilled in our lives. As we head into the holiday season, we’ll likely be spending time with people who matter to us. This offers an ideal opportunity to apply two positive relationship-building concepts: gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude and appreciation

When you’re with someone, be sure to pay attention to that person’s positive qualities and the positive actions that they take. Don’t focus on what they didn’t say or do. Instead, let them know that you appreciate these positive qualities or actions, with a simple acknowledgement and thank you.

By sincerely sharing your gratitude, you let others know that you have noticed them and you appreciated them. You give the other person a gift that will undoubtedly be well received. And when we give, we get. As Dr. Tal-Ben Shahar says, “When I appreciate the good, the good appreciates in my life.”

For my part, I’m grateful for your support on my journey to become a coach and mediator. This post marks one year of my monthly blog posts, allowing me to share what I have learned with you.

Reflecting on these learnings has only deepened my commitment to continuing on this journey. Thank you for reading and sharing them – I appreciate you.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful 2017!

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