Happy birthday

Claudia Aronowitz

Happy Birthday to me! This week I celebrate my 48th birthday. Since gratitude is a value I hold very close to my heart and try to do every night, I thought I would try to write (whatever comes spontaneously):

48 THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR (in no specific order)

  1. My number one will be my health. I have learned that there is nothing more important than this and every day I am grateful for it.
  2. My husband who is also my partner and best friend in life. I am not only grateful for having you, but for the incredible relationship we have created together.
  3. My children. I must be doing something right in life if I have helped you become the incredible human beings that you are.
  4. My children.
  5. My children (I have three!).
  6. Our family nanny of 20 years. For the unconditional support she has given our family.
  7. My parents — true examples of how to live and be parents.
  8. My siblings — we have lived in different countries half of my life and even though we may not talk every day, I know I can count on your unconditional support.
  9. Friendships — because I am blessed with a few really good friends from around the world.
  10. My extended family — it is wonderful to be part of a large clan.
  11. Having chosen to change the word that describes me professionally this year from fearless to courageous. To me it is a huge difference.
  12. A warm long shower.
  13. Valle de Bravo, Mexico — paradise on earth and a place I am fortunate to visit often.
  14. Mother earth — because your beauty amazes me every day.
  15. Toronto — safe, free, beautiful city and country that I now call home.
  16. Capacity to continue learning — every day something new.
  17. Colleagues who are helping me become a better coach and create a better world together.
  18. A beautiful sunny day.
  19. My dog, Lenny.
  20. A walk in nature.
  21. Technology that helps me keep connected with people around the world.
  22. A good movie.
  23. A good book.
  24. A hot cup of coffee in the morning.
  25. Chocolate.
  26. Having learned to be more present in the moment — thinking and fearing less the past and the future.
  27. Living in a free and democratic country.
  28. Being part of a larger community.
  29. Traveling — I love going to new places and learning about our world and different cultures.
  30. Having a special place I feel at home: Israel.
  31. Good Mexican food.
  32. A good night’s sleep — as a menopausal woman, something I have learned to value even more.
  33. Good health care whenever I need it.
  34. Enough money to not have to worry about money.
  35. Autumn leaves.
  36. Spring flowers.
  37. A quiet and beautiful sunset.
  38. Time playing with my family.
  39. A good conversation that creates connections.
  40. Positive feedback about my work.
  41. A good laugh.
  42. My house.
  43. Relaxing time by myself.
  44. Being able to help others for the better.
  45. Celebrating another birthday.
  46. Resilience to say, “ I will try again tomorrow” when needed.
  47. Being the person I am. I am proud of myself and what I have done with my life so far.
  48. The future. Whatever tomorrow will bring.

And much more…

What are you grateful for in your life? Remember that the more we appreciate what we have, the more it appreciates! Feel free to post some of the things you are grateful for.

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