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Claudia Aronowitz

Why You Should Disagree With Others

You should disagree with others. No, really. And then you should agree to disagree. 

Recently, after a day of coaching sessions focused on conflict and relationships, I realized, once again, how little we are trained in life on how to create strong, fulfilling relationships. So many of us try to avoid conflict in our lives, yet it is often the very thing that helps us grow.

In healthy relationships there will be disagreements.

It is inevitable. And if there isn’t, then someone is likely not being fully honest with the other. As individuals we all have our own unique way of thinking, our own values, beliefs and experiences that shape our perspective. It’s not possible for us to always agree.

Consider the number “6” written on a piece of paper that is placed between two people. The person looking up at the page will see a “6.” The person looking down will see a “9.” Neither person is wrong. Both are correct. They are simply seeing the paper from a different perspective.

The challenge with conflict is that it often feels uncomfortable

It’s a feeling no one really enjoys. But when we accept these uncomfortable moments and know that conflict is healthy, we can be free to share our feelings and opinions. We should feel free to ask questions, engage in deep discussions and even argue. This is all essential to our growth as individuals and helps strengthen our relationships with others. 

So, go ahead: disagree! Argue if you need to. Just remember to listen to the other person and consider their perspective. Even if you don’t agree with them, you can still move forward in your relationship. You can honor the other person’s perspective, acknowledge their position and still let them know that they are valued. From there, you can adapt and find ways to ensure everyone’s needs are being met.

In these final weeks of summer, I wish you many quality moments connecting with others, both professionally and personally. Better connections lead to a better life. To chat more about this topic, simply reply to this email. 

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