How to Reach the End Before you Begin

Claudia Aronowitz

Just as nature shows us every year, transitions are a part of life. Soon after one season begins, another arrives. Change is the cycle of natural life and the natural cycle of our own lives as well.

With these constant changes in nature surrounding us, we might assume that humans would adapt easily to the constant changes in our own lives. For some reason, however, we often cling to what we had and fear what might come next. Unlike the familiarity of the seasonal changes, our own personal changes often breed uncertainty.

In his book “Transitions”, author William Bridges takes his readers through three stages of transition:

  • End: Yes, the end comes first. Something must end before something new can happen. We need to accept what is gone, learn what we can from it and then let it go.
  • Uncertainty: This is the period between not having what we had and not yet having the new thing. It’s a period where we must learn to let go, to dream, and to focus on new perspectives and opportunities.
  • Beginning: Slowly a new stage in our lives will begin. It might be a new career, new values, or a new partner. Often, we didn’t foresee or even imagine it, but it will help us grow.

It’s important to acknowledge each stage and recognize that it is normal for us to want to jump ahead and get to the “good stuff.” Even though “new beginnings” may feel more pleasant than endings, we must first let go of the safety of what once was and experience the uncertainty before we can start again. We must take each step as it comes.

So wherever you are in a life transition, know that you are not alone. Remember that it is a natural process of life.

If you are in the uncertain part of the transition, be sure to create a support network of friends, family, a certified coach, etc. This key group can help guide you, pull you up, and point out new possibilities as you move towards a new beginning.

And if you want to learn more about transitions, be sure to download this free resource 

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