Let Nature Be Your Guide

Claudia Aronowitz

Every year I end up writing something about spring. Even when I plan to write about something else, the beauty and simplicity of this season takes me back to the fundamental lessons of life. Change is everywhere. It is the one constant that we can always count on. And just as nature renews itself after a cold, dark winter, we can also experience growth and renewal if we embrace the new season in our lives.

It is completely normal to fear or resist change. It comes with uncertainty and this can be unsettling. But growth only happens when we try new things and explore different paths. Transitions allow us to reinvent ourselves, to keep hoping and creating.

A big part of my practice is helping clients befriend change. I help them see the opportunities that change can bring with it and create the changes that they desire. Often this means letting go of expectations and how we thought life was going to go and work with the parts of life that we can control.

I applied this very lesson to my own life a few weeks ago when my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I had always imagined that we would celebrate this important milestone with a big trip, but as the date approached, reality checked in, and I realized the trip wasn’t going to happen this year. I was disappointed, but I opted to befriend this unexpected development. 

Halfway through the day of our anniversary, I stopped working and prepared a delicious picnic. It included different salads, a beautiful cake and some champagne. It was like a picnic from a movie. At 3:00pm, we left everything behind, found a beautiful spot in a park and enjoyed our picnic and each other’s company with the splendor of spring all around us. It was perfect—not my original plan, but still a very special celebration!

As nature blooms all around us, I encourage you to pay attention to its lesson about constant change and constant renewal. Our lives are always changing, that is constant, and it’s up to us on how we use this change to renew ourselves.

But, of course, sometimes it is hard to befriend change. If you are in the midst of an important change and are feeling stuck or unable to take the next step you need to move forward, reply to this email for a free, no-obligation chat. Let’s see if we can get you started on the right path towards befriending change in your life.

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