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Coach Development

After more than a decade of coaching clients and mentoring coaches at various stages of their careers, I am proud to offer this Mentor Coaching Program.

Relationship and communication coaching can reduce conflict.

My methodology will increase your personal awareness, qualify you for the professional designations you want and need, and help you to skillfully support your clients with confidence.


With my own successful coaching business and small number of select mentees, I am where you want to be and am pleased to share my knowledge.


Fully credentialed, fluent in three languages, and with the life and professional experience that you require and deserve, I will support you in achieving coaching excellence and sustaining career success.

Whether honing your skills, working on new credentials, or furthering personal growth, Claudia is the mentor coach for you.
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Mentor Coaching FAQ

What makes me different?

I have a unique and proven approach to mentor coaching. My individualized mentor coaching approach leads to personalized and clear support in the areas that you want and need to focus on.

I coach you as an individual.

We’ll take reflective, structured pauses to discuss the tools and competencies I have used and their effectiveness. We will use your coaching recordings as case studies to discuss challenges, explore options, and improve your methodology.

When required, we will walk through ICF competencies and ethical standards, find ways to adapt them to your style and strengths to move you through the credentialing process.


I have over a decade of coaching experience

including more than 2,300 hours coaching hundreds of clients.


I have qualifications in various modalities and use the latest competencies.

I present a clear framework and understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics, and demonstrate how they align with your values and strengths to develop your coaching excellence. I understand the credentialing process and can guide you smoothly through to where you want to be.


I dedicate my mentorship to only a few coaches each year.

While many mentor coaches undertake this work as their main business, I keep my feet firmly grounded in the direct-to-client world, employing the skills that you want to master.

I keep current on industry trends and best practices and have a decade of success as an empowering, empathetic, and transformational coach.


My personal and professional experiences have provided me with a unique combination of rigour and compassion.

I balance flexibility, empathy, and professionalism, which provides a safe space for both intimate personal exploration and coaching skill development.


I provide a space to reset, reflect, and grow.

We explore topics around ethics, boundaries, and personal biases and strengths, and uncover your doubts and self-saboteurs to help you grow and gain confidence.


I provide support that will yield an immediate positive impact with your clients.

We analyze the challenges you are having with your clients so you can immediately take action with them.


I am fluent in 3 languages.

I speak English, Spanish and Hebrew.

I possess a solid grasp of the languages, cultural nuances, and sensibilities of the various countries in which I have lived and worked, and will ensure that you express yourself confidently and effectively with your clients.


Who requires Mentor Coaching?

  • Coaches-in-training or coaches who have already completed training and are seeking to qualify for or renew their International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentials at an ACC and PCC level.
    Mentor coaching provides you with the professional assistance you require to achieve and demonstrate the levels of competency demanded by the desired credential level through ICF.


  • Coaches who want to deepen their skills and continue their personal growth.
    My program will bring out the best in your coaching strengths and style, build your confidence, and provide constructive feedback to make you a more effective coach.


  • Coaches who want to regain their passion, creativity, and resourcefulness.
    Those who choose a career in coaching make deep connections and invest ourselves in our clients’ success, which is exciting and also taxing. If work is depleting you, or you are losing your motivation, you need a fresh perspective. I will help you redefine what it means to coach and design a coaching career that aligns with your values and goals.


Skilled coaches understand they need their own coach.
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What is included in the program?

• Introductory call.
• Mentor intake questionnaire.
• 5 – 10 hours of mentor coaching over 6 months.
• Feedback on at least two half-hour recordings.
• Resources and tools for you to use in your practice.


Coaching excellence is within your reach.
Book a 30-minute introductory call with Claudia.

What is the program structure?

You have three options for completing this coaching program.

Option A:
Individual coaching. 10 sessions, dividing the hours in whatever way works best for you (one-hour or 90 minute sessions)

Option B:
Individual coaching. 5 one-hour sessions.

Option C:
Group coaching. Group mentor coaching includes 7 group sessions and 3 individual sessions.


Invest in your skills and your future.
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Take your coaching to the next level with Claudia!

Women in discussion enabling difficult conversations

See what clients are saying about Claudia.

Integrity, Insight, Growth — These are a just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Claudia and her approach to coaching.  She helped me deepen my coaching skills, tap into my strengths, and build confidence so I can show up as a great coach for my clients.

Claudia guided me through reflection and self-discovery, allowing me to identify and cultivate practices in my life that have helped me move forward with a renewed sense of excitement and purpose.


Coach and Senior HR Consultant

Claudia was my mentor coach as I was completing  my Coaching Certification. Claudia helped me recognize what I have to offer as a coach, to be authentic in my approach and to bring my whole self to the coaching conversation. Now that I am certified I look forward to continuing to have Claudia as my mentor as I grow my skills and experience to be the best coach I can be.



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