Perfectly Imperfect

Claudia Aronowitz

I am perfectly imperfect. And I think you are, too. 

My daughter and I like to joke that we are masters at being “perfectly imperfect.” It is a label that makes us feel proud, providing us with a real sense of relief. It’s also a concept that I encourage my clients to embrace.

When we strive to live a “perfectly imperfect” life, we give ourselves permission to be our best selves, while still trying to improve ourselves. It also permits us to fail and recognize that failure—which is inevitable—doesn’t define us. Accepting this concept gives us permission to be positive and proactive but know that we still can have bad days when our inner critic might take over.

We are constantly changing

The “perfectly imperfect” concept also allows us to embrace the idea that we, just like the world around us, are constantly changing. As I’ve discussed many times, change is truly the only constant in life. Change is disruptive and can lead to imperfections. But if we befriend the external change around us, it’s easier to embrace our own internal change. This provides us with the opportunity to learn and grow, to reevaluate our needs and values, and adjust the things that we do. Accepting that change is inevitable, yet valuable, we can embrace being the best person we can be AND accept our imperfections. 

There is a simple exercise that I do to help me tackle changes in my life. I ask: what would _____<insert your name>_____, who is ____<choose the characteristic you aspire to be>___ do in this present circumstance? 

For example, a few years ago, I was fearful about my professional life and some of the uncertainty surrounding it. I chose “fearless” as the characteristic I desired to be. When making decisions I would ask myself, “what would Claudia, who is fearless, do in this present circumstance?”

At that point in time, “fearless” became my guiding principle. A few months later it no longer felt relevant so I changed it to “courageous.” Currently, I ask myself: “what would Claudia, who values and believes in connection, do at this moment?”

They may seem like simple words, but for me, they were able to significantly shift my perspective. I went from aspiring to be fearless to calling myself “courageous,” which led to a clearer understanding of who I am and what I want my guiding principles in life to be. If you would like to learn more about how to do this exercise, be sure to read here

So, my dear friend and reader, welcome to the wonderful world of being “perfectly imperfect.” Join us in accepting that change—both external and internal—is the only constant thing in life. Then experience the empowerment and liberation that will inevitably follow. 

Yours in perfect imperfection,


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