Personal Growth is a Life-Long Journey

Claudia Aronowitz

Early in my coaching career, I came to an important realization: Personal growth never stops. Stepping outside of our comfort zones, adapting to ongoing changes, and learning new things; It’s ongoing and it’s hard work.


Life by definition is challenging.

Even though we may wish someone else could do the hard work of learning, adapting and growing, it’s only up to us. After all, only we can lead ourselves to finding fulfillment and joy in life. This, ironically, is what makes life so incredible and special.


In September, I usually write about how to make the most of the last few months of the year. In this unusual September of 2020, however, as we continue to live in the midst of a pandemic with so much uncertainty, I would recommend a different focus.

After many challenging months, it’s even more important to: 


1. Stop and breathe. 

Take time to reflect on the past eight months. Ask yourself

  • What have I learned? 
  • What strengths, skills and tools did I use to adapt to the constant change?
  • What things have I started doing that have brought me fulfillment and joy?
  • What have I learned about myself and about those around me?

2. Now stop and take another breath.

As you look ahead to the coming months, consider what things you want to put in place. Now, ask yourself:

  • What have I started doing that I want to continue doing? 
  • What do I want to stop doing? 
  • What are my next steps? How far must I go out of my comfort zone to create the life I want?


Perhaps you are thinking that these questions are too hard to answer right now. Maybe you are managing by living day by day. I fully appreciate this response and recognize that daily survival is sometimes all that we can do. But there also comes a time to truly stop just surviving.  Whether it’s taking some quiet time to think, write in a journal, talk to a friend or connect with me. 

“In life, you are never finished, never done. Never become, always becoming. You know? Life is change so it’s okay if you are not there yet.” 

– Laurie Frankel, This is how it always is 

As we complete 2020, let’s make sure we make choices to nurture our personal growth and live fuller lives. Let’s move from survival to truly living, no matter what the future holds. And remember, you don’t have to do the hard work alone. I am here for a free call  to unlock the support you need to progress in your journey. 


May the next few months of 2020 be filled with great growth and opportunity—for all of us.

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