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Claudia Aronowitz

The start of September and the return to routines makes us realize how quickly the year has gone by. Every year I write about how this is an invitation to think about our goals and what we have or have not accomplished. I believe that this is a moment for introspection.

Nature brings change. Life brings constant change.

I am really feeling these changes in my personal life this month. After 25 years of activities, driving, cooking and listening as a mother, my house is now quiet. My youngest child has just left the nest.


Image of the open trunk of a car with suitcases and luggage in it.

The silence is hard for me.

People will say that this is a fantastic new start, that I will enjoy it, that I have the opportunity to do things I didn’t have time for before, that it’s a new beginning and that kids are meant to fly. I agree with all of this AND it is still hard for me. The important reflection points are:



This is my favourite word. I am proud of my children and what they are accomplishing AND I miss them terribly. I see the opportunities in this new stage AND I feel lonely. 

    FOR ME

     A reminder that we are all different. We all have unique strengths and weaknesses. We have different perspectives and different feelings come up for us in different circumstances. It is our uniqueness that makes us stronger. I choose to embrace what this moment means for me.



    The understanding that in order to feel fulfilled and happy we also need to feel sad, frustrated, angry and stuck. Those feelings come and we need to be aware of them, reflect on them and choose how to react to them. I feel sadness for the stage in my family life that is coming to a close. I feel uncertain about what to do with my time and what I want next and I know it’s important to be in this space until the answers and next actions become clearer for me.


      Life gives us endless opportunities to reinvent ourselves, to change and to adapt to what we need.  

      What are my values today?

      What do I want?

      Who do I want to be in this new stage?

      It is wonderful to see change as an opportunity. We don’t need to know what our next destination will be, we just need to start walking and open ourselves up to new possibilities.


      Image of Claudia outdoors with her kids kissing her

      This September is another one of these opportunities. 

      Will you take the opportunity for personal growth? Will you adapt or create change in your life? Will you do it alone or do you need support?

      We change, our circumstances change, and we can choose to change with them. We can be grateful for whatever we are going through and for the possibility of endless new beginnings. 

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