Relationship/ Communication/ Conflict Coaching

Relationship and communication coaching can reduce conflict.

Who is relationship and communication coaching for?

We need strong, positive relationships in our lives in order to feel fulfilled and find joy. We simply can’t do life alone. All relationships matter: romantic, friends, family members, business partners and work colleagues. If there is conflict or miscommunication with the people we interact with, our wellbeing will be compromised.

Relationships are essential, yet they are complicated. When imperfect and different human beings form relationships (with their different values, beliefs, needs and personalities), it’s no surprise that disagreements and conflict occur.

It’s important to recognize that healthy relationships don’t happen by accident. They take constant dedication, adaptation and change. Sometimes they require professional support. Whether it has been damaged by great difficulty, or simply needs a reset to make it stronger, a relationship can improve greatly with investment from our side.

Feel empowered, seen and fulfilled.

In my communication, conflict & relationship coaching, we identify the personal factors that impact how people interact with others. I will empower you with specific tools to sharpen your listening skills, to effectively communicate your message, advocate for your needs, and become the leader your relationships requires.

Relationships stand the best chance for improvement when all parties are involved and committed to change. Even if just one person commits to a few changes, however, things can improve radically.


Let’s move forward to create relationships that bring the best in you and in others.

Services Offered

Conflict and Communication Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions with just one person from the relationship. We meet for a few targeted sessions to deal with a specific relationship in your life. Studies have proven that if even one person breaks the cycle of conflict then the whole relationship will improve. You have more control and leadership in your relationships than you think.

One-on-one communication coaching sessions
A couple in conflict on opposite sides of the couch

Coaching for Personal or Work Relationships

Biweekly sessions over a three-month period for two or more people. The focus is on creating and maintaining healthy relationships. We examine how our behaviour affects others, how to have the impact we desire, and how to turn miscommunication into effective communication.

Essential Conversation Facilitation

I enable a difficult conversation between two or more individuals, personally or professionally, managing the process of communication to ensure that needs are clearly expressed and everyone is truly listening to one another. This process will create a space of trust and understanding as a foundation for future interactions.

Women in discussion enabling difficult conversations
Two people in conflict in a session with a mediator


Full mediation services for two or more people seeking to create a clear agreement and action plan for moving forward.

Invest in the one thing proven to bring happiness: better relationships with the people around you. 


“Claudia has been invaluable in helping my teenage daughter and I navigate through a very challenging transition in our lives. She gave us the tools to help us listen and communicate in such a way that we can be heard and ask for what we need. My daughter and I are feeling the healing benefits from the time we have shared with Claudia and will continue to reap the benefits as we continue to grow.”


Yoga Instructor

“It’s been so easy to explore with Claudia the concepts of boundaries, values and roles in my relationships. I can say that for the first time in my life, I truly understand what they mean to me and how to voice them in my relationships. As a recovering people pleaser, this hasn’t been easy.”



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