The River of Life

Claudia Aronowitz

Life is like a river.

What do a rollercoaster and a river have in common?

I am always learning and gaining new perspectives. Recently one of my clients was describing a rollercoaster of emotions and we realized together that this is not the best metaphor.

Why is it so hard to change our habits? How do we deal with the constant challenges and changes of life? Is life like riding a rollercoaster? Holding on as tight as we can while slowly getting to the top and then holding our breath with fear as we race down? I would like to suggest a better metaphor.

Life is like a river.


Live is like a river - Image of a river with rapids.

As you paddle along a river you cannot control what is around the next turn. It is completely unknown.

When we come to rapids we can choose to paddle like crazy or we can surrender, allow ourselves to go with the flow and let the current take us for a moment.

Once things settle and we have more control we can choose our direction. We can worry about how we are paddling and if we are using the right technique. We can worry about what will happen next and if we are in control. Or we can look up, breathe deeply and admire the beauty of the nature around us. 

We can choose to be present. We can pause and decide if we want to go in another direction. We can continue on our own or invite others to jump in with us. 


Life is like a river.

It is beautiful, peaceful, scary and challenging all at once. We cannot control what is around the next turn. 

Image of a river and a sunset.

I will be on vacation and completely disconnected from work for a few weeks this August. I want to be present, slow down and do less, connect with family, explore new places and find balance. I want to enjoy my river.


What do you need in order to float along the river of your life at this moment?

Life is like a river- Image of a paper boat floating along a river.

Do you need to slow down, go with the flow or change course?

Make sure to do what is best for YOU at this moment in YOUR life.

We all need different things. 

I will be back in September. If you are looking to create change in your life or strengthen relationships as we start the last quarter of the year, book time for us to explore what that might look like for you. 

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