Making Decisions: Something to think about

Claudia Aronowitz

Spring is here! A time when the days are longer and new flowers appear — and, maybe, a time for new beginnings for us as well. Today I would like to share a quick exercise that I find useful when making decisions.

We make decisions many times every day. What to do or not to do — and with whom. Where and what to spend more time on and whether or not we should try something different. And so on.

The decisions that usually make us feel better are those that reflect our values.

Values are the standards, ideals, and principles that are most important to us. Together, they form a personal code of practice that can guide our decisions and our actions. The challenge is that we are not always clear on what our values are.

Here is a simple exercise to help ensure that our actions reflect our values. Choose ONE word (only ONE word, not a sentence or a few words) that will become your one guiding principle when making decisions over the next couple of weeks. Your choice is not permanent or final. You can change it whenever you want, just don’t overthink it. Your word choice is based on your intuition. Whatever word comes into your mind at first, go with it. It will help guide you as you make decisions in your personal life, in relationships, or at work.

A few weeks ago, I did the same exercise.

The word that came up for me was FEARLESS. For the last few weeks in my work, I have asked myself, what would “Fearless Claudia” do? When I needed to make decisions I asked this question. It has been amazing how this simple question has helped me recognize what choices and actions I want to take in that moment.

So, what will your word be?

And then ask yourself, “What would <your word> <your name> do in this specific circumstance?”

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