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Ideal for workplaces or private groups, I offer customized, interactive, and inspiring workshops that provide science-based insights in a fun and accessible way. With years of experience designing, leading and facilitating workshops to promote personal and professional development, I offer attendees practical tools and actionable next steps for improving their communication skills and building better relationships.

Sample Topics

DiSC Assessments

Understanding Your
Communication Style

Reframing Our Outlook:

The Joy of Imperfection

Change Starts From Within:

Live A Life
That Matters

Change The Conversation:

The Art And Science Of Thriving In Relationships

Powerful Conversations At Work
Bringing Positivity Into Our Lives
Communicating With Confidence

Understanding Your Communication Style

The DiSC® Assessment tool is used by over one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

As an authorized DiSC facilitator, Claudia leads a workshop taking groups through an analysis of these assessments and helping attendees understand their own preferred methods of communication.  They can then apply this information to adapt the way they behave and communicate more effectively with colleagues.

The Joy of Imperfection 

The drive for perfection is all-consuming and often causes a lot of anxiety and stress. But what if we didn’t have to be perfect?  What if we could accept “good enough”?

This talk explores the idea that a slightly imperfect object or task is all that’s required to reach a desired goal. Claudia talks about “AND” – one of her favourite words – to understand the dichotomy of how something can be two things at the same time.  You can be happy for your friend’s promotion AND sad that you haven’t reached your professional goal yet.  You can be angry at someone AND still love them. 

By finding happiness in imperfection, Claudia shows us ways to connect and communicate without the pressure of perfection looming overhead. 

Change Starts From Within: Live A Life That Matters

We often hear that “change starts from within.” It sounds simple enough, but taking the steps needed to break a bad habit, adapt our thinking, or truly transform our lives can feel daunting – especially when we have an inner critic in our head sabotaging our good intentions and progress.

We all deserve to live a life that matters, that is fulfilling and that brings the best in us. The question is how to do this. 

In this talk, Claudia applies the science of positive psychology to help us create the change we desire. She shares easy-to-apply techniques that help focus our minds on the positive.

Even when life throws us curveballs, it is still possible to maintain a positive outlook and enjoy a fulfilling life.

Attendees will leave the workshop equipped with the tools needed to begin the process of change, take control, and begin moving forward.

If you are ready to take control of your life, create the present and future that you desire, this talk is for you.

Change The Conversation: The Art and Science of Thriving in Relationships.

Science tells us that strong connections are essential in order for humans to thrive, be creative and productive. Some of us need many people around us to feel fulfilled in life; others require only a handful. But we all need at least a few people that we connect well with in our professional and personal lives to succeed.

Our connection with others is only as strong as our communication skills. How we communicate in our professional and personal lives has the capacity to enhance or complicate our relationships. Miscommunication leads to confusion and frustration, yet we each have our own unique perspectives, different values and goals. It’s no surprise that miscommunication happens often.

Claudia guides groups on how to thrive in relationships using the right communication tools and techniques. From understanding the science behind why our minds actually make things up, to learning how to see things from another person’s perspective, attendees learn clear strategies on how to reduce conflict and strengthen connections with others.

Change Starts From Within:
Live A Life That Matters


“Our session with Claudia was engaging, enlightening and refreshing. Claudia’s stories resonated with everyone in the room. It was a big “aha” moment for everyone who attended.”

Leslie Rivers

Senior Manager, Employee Relations, Burgundy Asset Management LTD

“Thank you, Claudia! Our group was inspired by her presentation and the practical tools she provided for us to use in our private and professional lives.”

Volunteer Coordinator, Princess Margaret Hospital

“Claudia was able to provide a caring, confidential atmosphere that established trust. She was the catalyst needed to help us turn things around.”

Patient Services, Cambridge Memorial Hospital

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