Time to Renovate

Claudia Aronowitz

You have probably heard people say that they are going through a midlife crisis or that they are struggling and feeling stuck.

I felt this way over the summer. Things just felt a bit off and I was depleted. I was also lonely working from home. 

I decided to take some time to slow down.

I allowed myself to just be with whatever came up. I became curious about my feelings and what they might be telling me.

I followed my own advice!

I did what I often advise my clients to do.

I went back to the toolbox of things that have helped me in the past and started implementing them again.

For me these include exercising, using a gratitude journal, reading and slowing down with my morning coffee. 

I also hired my own coach to support me. I wanted to start dreaming again and clarify what I really want for myself at this stage of my life. 

Then I received an email from Marie Forleo (author of Everything is Figureoutable) that made it all clear. 

She wrote that our challenges are not about fighting or pushing through. Dealing with them is not a crisis. It is not about others. It is only about ourselves. 

She also wrote about her home renovation. After reading it I realized that it was just my time…

My time for a life renovation!

Renovation feels just right. I don’t need drastic changes. The main pillars of my life (my family, my partner, my home, and my profession) are fine. 

I simply need some renovations. I need to add or let go in order to bring more colour, new activities, new habits, and new connections. 

A renovation doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Sometimes it might be just about painting the walls and moving the old furniture around.

For me, it’s a new mindset.

I am doing things just because I enjoy them. I am putting time and effort into creating new connections. I am working without the pressure of success. I am creating because it feels right.

You have probably heard about the exercise where you choose one word to guide all of your choices for a period of time. In the past I have used words like courageous, fearless and action in my professional life.

Right now, however, “simple” is the word that feels right.

I want simple things, simple actions and more moments of just being.

Does your life need some renovations?

Could you use some adjustments, changes or new perspectives?

Remember, a renovation can be large or small.

It can mean letting go of something. 

It can mean adding something totally new or simply reshuffling to bring new colour to what already exists. 

We can make renovations while still being grateful for what we have. 

We can embrace the good in us and around us AND still desire a shift. There is space for both.

I invite you to take a moment to think about what renovating would mean for you. 

Let me know what you think. 

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