Change is a Certainty

Claudia Aronowitz

Uncertainty and change will continue in 2023.


I can promise that two things will happen in all of our lives. We will die and we will have to deal with change. Change is part of our lives. For many of us, change is uncomfortable. 


I had an amazing discussion with one of my clients recently. We talked about how

Change is the counterbalance to uncertainty

This is a powerful and important truth. As much as we would like to control everything around us, uncertainty is a given. Adapting to change and seeing it as a positive allows us to flourish with uncertainty. 


How can we manage change in a positive way?

By constantly reinventing ourselves.

We need to redefine our values, our needs, the roles we play and our habits. We need to adapt and reinvent at our own pace in the areas that we feel it is needed. It doesn’t matter how big or small or fast or slow the process is. The idea is that we keep changing and evolving. 

If we dont change we cant prosper. If we dont change we get stuck. 

Adapting is a constant process of deciding and learning. It is an imperfect dance that is continuous in our lives. As someone who has adapted to different countries, dealt with unexpected health problems and started a second career, I am very familiar with this process. 


Learning and reinventing ourselves is how we can deal with the constant change and uncertainty in our lives. 


It is change, not control, that is the counterbalance to uncertainty!

What do you think? What areas of your life need to be readapted and redefined? Do you need clarity on your next steps? Remember that we might be capable of doing it alone, but with the right support we can do it faster and with better results. I am here to support you.

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