What’s Your Word?

Claudia Aronowitz

What if ONE WORD could help us make everyday choices more easily?

Even though the choices we make each day are so varied and under many different circumstances, I believe it’s possible to have one word or phrase to guide us.

Allow me to explain.

To make good choices, we need to first trust our instincts and understand ourselves. We need a true sense of our values and be clear about what we want more of in our lives. Then, we are better equipped to make good choices.

This is where the one-word exercise comes in. I have used it at different points in my life to guide me for a couple of months at a time.

Choosing a word (or phrase) that you believe will help you move towards the future you want. It can be a word related to your values or simply something you aspire to be or have more of in your life.

Then, when you are facing a choice or decision, say to yourself,
“If I were <your word>, I would…”

For me, when transitioning from a full-time employee into a self-employed entrepreneur, my word was “fearless.”

Whenever I was faced with a challenge or difficult decision, I’d repeat: “If I were fearless, I would…” Most of the time, the answer was clear.

I moved from “fearless” to “courageous”; similar but distinct enough to encourage me to push myself into doing things I was afraid or nervous to try.

This year, I chose a different focus: ”joy.”

I wanted to bring more joy in my work life, so I now say: “If I want more joy into my work, I would….” This phrasing helps me to feel grounded, to find the perspective I need, and to take the next action needed.

I invite you to try it.

Don’t overthink it. It has to be the one word or phrase that comes automatically. Apply it to a few choices throughout your day and see where it leads you. And remember, when that word or phrase no longer serves you, choose another.

I would love to hear what your word is and if you found this exercise helpful.

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