When Perfection is the Enemy

Claudia Aronowitz

Sometimes, perfection is the enemy.

We hear a lot about “giving it our best” and “nothing less than 100 percent” in order to be successful in life. But are there times when achieving 80 percent might be good enough?

Of course, there are certain tasks where only 100 percent is acceptable. We would expect nothing else from a pilot or surgeon, for example. But for most of us, perfection is not always necessary. Instead it can become our enemy.

Aiming for perfection can prevent us from completing great work — or even from getting started. We get stuck striving for something that we may never achieve. Or we quit because we believe that anything less than perfect is unacceptable.

If you decide it is pointless to go to the gym for less than an hour, you may not exercise at all.

If you decide that a newsletter or report must be perfect, you may continue to write endlessly — and it may never be released.

And if you indulge in a treat in the morning, you do not need to abandon all healthy eating for the rest of the day.

Many times “good enough” is fantastic!

It allows us to be productive, to create and to succeed.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of working with a boss who I admired greatly (and still do!). One of the lessons she taught me was the importance of “doing” and “trying.” She didn’t place value only on the outcome. In her view, you were doing a good job as long as you were trying, creating, and learning from your mistakes. The results at our workplace were amazing!

Accepting that we are striving for “good enough” liberates and helps us accept the possibility of failure. It is the actual “doing” that provides us with the potential to succeed and to learn.

Give yourself permission to feel proud of a job that is just good enough. Whether it is at home or work, adopting this belief may garner incredible results.

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