Work-Life Balance is Impossible

Claudia Aronowitz

May is such a beautiful month.

It is my favourite time of year in Toronto as nature becomes fully alive. Flowers bloom and trees become a special and unique green that says “fresh and new”.  Birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the days are longer. Nature is telling us to breathe, to be hopeful and to find new possibilities.

Hope and possibility. New beginnings.

It seems like the perfect time of year to evaluate our work-life balance.

Ugh! That sounds terrible.

The whole concept of work-life balance feels wrong.

I dislike the term.

What is work? Are there not things in life that we have to do that we don’t like? Are there not constraints as well as enjoyment? Isn’t it possible for work to be fun as well?

Recently, I have been discussing work-life balance with my clients in a way that has opened up new perspectives and possibilities while also acknowledging limitations.

For many of us, the idea of “work-life balance” feels unachievable. 

My clients came up with a new concept that feels much better. (I love learning from my incredible clients!)


We want to create a feeling of control and a sense of fulfillment over our daily routines.

We want life-work fluidity. 

This is actually a change of mindset.


    • Put life first in order to prioritize what happens in our lives outside of work. 
    • Fluidity over balance. This will require constant adaptation and change. It is not about finding a perfect static balance, it is about learning to constantly adapt and move as needed. 
    • It is also about saying a clear YES. We need both the NO and the YES at work and at home. 
    • It will require that we know what is important to us, what we value and what we need. We should also try to understand what is important to others. 
    • Change is the constant ingredient. We change. Our values change. Our needs change. Our circumstances change. Our family needs change. Our work needs change. Change is something that we need to constantly think about and adjust for when necessary. 
    • This will be different for each one of us. For some of us the balance will mean having the flexibility to do things in the middle of the day and then work at night. For others it means leaving early sometimes to pick up the kids. For others it is the right time to work long hours and give it all they’ve got. For some it is the right time to stop working all together. We are all different. 
  • We will need different things at different moments in our lives as our values shift.

Life-work fluidity.

Fluidity not balance.

Life first.

Constant adaptation and change.

What would this new mindset mean for you right now?

Do you need to clarify your priorities? Do you need help implementing the changes you desire or adapting to changes that you didn’t want? Do you need to set boundaries in order to support those priorities?

Perhaps spring is the right time for you, like in nature, to find new growth, new hope and new possibilities.

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