You and I, we’ll change the world

Claudia Aronowitz

“You and I, we’ll change the world”

– Arik Einstein

A few weeks ago during a deep conversation with my good friend Morly, she mentioned that she had recently heard two songs by singer Arik Einstein played back-to-back on the radio. The songs made her think about how she wanted to live her life.

The first song was “You and I”:

You and I we’ll change the world
You and I by then all will follow
Others have said it before me
But it doesn’t matter
You and I, we’ll change the world.

I used to love this song as a teenager and truly believed then that I would change the world. Fast-forward 30 years and, although I still love the song, I felt ashamed that I had been so naive to think that I could change the world.

The second song was “Sitting on the Fence”:

Sitting on the fence
One foot here, one foot there
Sitting on the fence
Fine with everyone
Overlooking the world
Taking the time
Sending smiles in all directions

As adults, we lose the feeling that we can change the world.

We learn to be careful, to rethink our moves, to smile and to sit on the fence. Throughout my journey battling cancer and my studies to become a life coach and mediator, I learned to love that first song again. Love it in the deepest of my core. I can change the world. Maybe in a very small way and only to a small group of people, but I certainly have the power to improve someone’s life. I no longer want to sit on a fence, one foot here, one there, taking the time and seeing the years of my life go by.

I want to invite you to change the world with me. One small thing at a time, one small moment each day. One small change for us and for someone else. Together, we can make this a better world.

I understand that sometimes it is not easy to know what changes, big or small, need to be made in our lives. We don’t always know what next steps we should take. If you are feeling that way, please contact me so that, together, we can help you find those new possibilities.

Others have said it before me
But it doesn’t matter,
You and I we’ll change the world.

About Claudia Aronowitz
As a highly trained, certified coach and mediator, I take pride in helping others find clarity and acceptance of who they are. I will propel you to move forward into taking responsibility and leadership of your life and relationships—both personal and professional. With compassion and a straightforward approach, I will help you discover new insight and uncover opportunities to use your unique voice. From there you can create the life and relationships that you desire and find fulfillment and joy in life’s challenging journey. Learn More About Claudia >>

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